9 Best Scholarship Websites And Search Engines (2024)

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Scholarships are as close as you can get to free money. The funds you receive from a scholarship can be applied directly to your tuition and other college expenses. Scholarship awards don’t need to be paid back, which means you can pay for school without taking on as much student debt.

But even if you’re already sold on the value of scholarships, it can be difficult to actually find them. Here are some of the best resources to find scholarships that fit your talents and interests so you can get a leg up on funding your education.

What the Best Scholarship Websites Offer

The best scholarship search engines will list a wide range of scholarships, including niche awards, sweepstakes and large national prizes. Most sites also let you create a profile where you can save scholarship applications for later or receive notifications when a scholarship matching your skillset is posted.

Scholarship sites should also let you filter awards by specific categories and characteristics, such as your location, grade point average (GPA) or ethnicity. Narrowing down scholarships is crucial to your success because you’re more likely to win awards that pertain to your unique talents and interests.

9 Scholarship Websites to Help You Find Awards

We reviewed popular scholarship websites and compared them based on factors like the ability to filter and sort listings, save information to your profile, the sites’ ease of use and added tools such as auto-match functionality. Here are the best websites for scholarships you can use to find awards you’re eligible for:

1. Scholarships.com

Scholarships.com divides scholarships by a variety of unique categories, including GPA, military affiliation, ethnicity, artistic ability, ACT or SAT score and residing state. And when you select one of these categories, you’ll likely see a large list of subcategories, where you can then view all eligible scholarships. This system helps students find niche awards with smaller applicant pools that they’re more likely to win.

2. Fastweb

Fastweb aggregates awards from both large and small directories. You have to make a profile to search for scholarships, which is similar to other sites. But after the initial sign-up process, you can easily search for scholarships and filter your results based on several data points. Fastweb will also notify you when a new scholarship matching your description is posted and when you have upcoming deadlines.

3. College Board

You’re probably familiar with the College Board if you’ve taken the SAT, AP tests or other college entry exams. But the College Board can help you after you’ve been accepted into a school—its scholarship search helps you find awards to help you pay for college.

After you create an account, you can filter awards by your interests, field of study, club affiliations or specific situations, like if your parents are divorced. College Board will also automatically match you with eligible scholarships based on the information in your profile. There is also an autofill function, which allows you to reuse information from other scholarship applications, saving you time and helping you apply for more awards.

4. Going Merry

Applying to scholarships can feel repetitive; that’s why Going Merry lets students type in information once and apply for multiple scholarships at the same time. If you’re in a time crunch, look for awards on Going Merry before checking out the other major sites.

The site also prides itself on including local awards, which are less competitive and may be easier to win than big national scholarships.

5. ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is a popular scholarship website that compiles awards and organizes them by amount, types of requirements, number of winners and length of time until the application is due.

ScholarshipOwl will automatically resubmit your application to recurring scholarships that don’t require anything beyond your basic information. This leaves you more time to focus on awards that require essays and recommendation letters.

6. Bold.org

While many scholarship sites are difficult to navigate, Bold.org has one of the cleanest interfaces. It’s easy to search and find different scholarships you may be eligible for and you can filter by your education level, award category, award amount and deadline. You can even toggle on the “no-essay” button to find scholarships that don’t require a written essay.

7. Cappex

Cappex claims to be the biggest online scholarship database, so it could pay to check the site for possible leads. Like other sites, you have to create an account to see all the scholarships you might qualify for. Their filter system lets you sort awards by year in school, scholarship amount, gender, ethnicity and award deadline. You can also search for renewable scholarships, which offer college funding for multiple years.

8. Scholly

When you fill out a profile on Scholly, their algorithm will comb through available scholarships and create a list of eligible awards. Each scholarship will have a Scholly score, which ranks how good of a fit it is for your background and experience. The higher the Scholly score, the stronger match you are with the scholarship’s requirements.

9. CareerOneStop

The U.S. Department of Labor has its own scholarship website through the CareerOneStop portal. There are more than 8,000 scholarships listed, and you can filter awards by keyword or sort them by amount, deadline, residing state and state where you’ll be studying.

There are scholarships available for students enrolled in a vocational school or working toward an associate’s degree, as well as for undergraduate and graduate students.

Additional Resources

College Financial Aid Website

The official financial aid website from your college may have a list of internal scholarships and grants you can apply to. It may also offer suggestions on how to find more scholarships, like applying through a certain department or applying to local institutions that give out awards to students.

Local Organizations

Don’t forget about your local network. Look for scholarship opportunities with nearby community foundations, rotary clubs, women’s clubs and more. Do a Google search for these kinds of organizations in your community and see if they have a list of scholarships on their website.

You should also search online through your state’s Department of Education or higher education agency, which may also list local awards and grants. Remember, local awards are often easier to win than national scholarships, since the applicant pool is likely smaller.

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Bottom Line

Applying to scholarships can seem like an exercise in futility if you don’t have a 4.0 GPA or an impressive extracurricular record. But winning scholarships is more about your attitude than your accolades. If you’re persistent and apply to scholarships you qualify for, you’ll have a much better chance than if you phone it in.

Set aside time every week to look over these resources and find scholarships that you may be eligible for. Every dollar you earn in scholarships is a dollar you won’t have to borrow in student loans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I write a scholarship essay?

To write a scholarship essay, make sure to read the essay requirements and stick to answering the prompt. As you’re writing, organize your ideas using a clear essay structure with an introduction, body and conclusion. Let your personality shine through, and when appropriate, share personal stories to help you stand out.

Always proofread your essay to spot typos and grammatical errors. It’s often helpful to have a trusted family member, mentor or friend read your essay to point out areas that are unclear.

How do scholarships work?

Scholarships are a type of gift-based financial aid that’s offered to students. They’re offered by different organizations and nonprofits which set eligibility guidelines for scholarship applicants. Examples of eligibility criteria might include having a certain talent, trait, special interest, or academic or professional pursuit.

If you’re selected for a scholarship award, you’ll receive money that doesn’t need to be paid back, and can be used toward your education.

What scholarship can I get?

The type of scholarship you can get varies depending on your unique interests, talents and other factors. Some scholarships are need-based while others are merit-based. Consider the attributes and skills that make you unique, and use a scholarship search website to find awards that you’re eligible for. You can also ask your school’s financial aid office for scholarship opportunities that are a good fit for you.

How is a student loan different from a scholarship?

A student loan is financial aid that you’ll eventually need to repay in full, plus interest. Student loans are offered by the federal government, private lenders or your school.

A scholarship, on the other hand, is considered gift aid that doesn’t need to be repaid. Scholarships can be found through your school, private companies, nonprofits, community and social organizations, and professional associations.

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9 Best Scholarship Websites And Search Engines (2024)


9 Best Scholarship Websites And Search Engines? ›

1. Bold.org. Bold.org allows individuals and companies to create scholarship and grant opportunities. Those looking for free money for college can create a profile to customize their search or use the search tool to explore by keyword.

What is the best college scholarship search engine? ›

1. Bold.org. Bold.org allows individuals and companies to create scholarship and grant opportunities. Those looking for free money for college can create a profile to customize their search or use the search tool to explore by keyword.

What scholarship website is legit? ›

Going Merry is one of the top legit scholarship websites. Each scholarship is vetted by the team so you can be certain the award is not a scam. Going Merry works with over 15,000 high schools. Unlike other scholarship websites, Going Merry allows students to find and apply for scholarships (in most cases.)

What is the best way to search for scholarships? ›

Try these free sources of information about scholarships:
  1. the financial aid office at a college or career school.
  2. a high school or TRIO counselor.
  3. the U.S. Department of Labor's FREE scholarship search tool.
  4. federal agencies.
  5. your state grant agency.
  6. your library's reference section.

What is the largest scholarship database? ›

The Fast Web Scholarship Search is the largest, most accurate, and most popular free scholarship search site - with more than 30 million registered users.

Do people actually get scholarships from niche? ›

Niche is 100 percent legit and people really do win each month. While you definitely should be on the lookout for scholarship fraud (better safe than sorry), rest assured that Niche scholarships are the real deal.

Which website has a search tool with over 2.7 million scholarships listed? ›

There tagline says it all: “With more than 2.7 million scholarship and grant opportunities worth more than $19 billion, just about everyone is bound to find something.” SOFI's tool allows you to search thousands of scholarships, grants, and other aid award opportunities.

Can I trust Fastweb scholarships? ›

We have a full scholarship research team that verifies and investigates each and every scholarship included within Fastweb's extensive scholarship database. That's why you can always trust that the scholarships you match to on Fastweb are 100% legitimate.

Can you actually get scholarships from Fastweb? ›

Each Fastweb scholarship is vetted by a real person to make sure it is legitimate. They also rigorously update our database to ensure that members have the most helpful, up-to-date information on each scholarship.

Is scholarship owl worth the money? ›

Scholarship Owl is a good resource but not worth paying for.

Scholarship Owl's search engine is a great place to start your scholarship journey, but it shouldn't be your last stop along the way.

How to find rare scholarships? ›

Consumer Reports Magazine, and other sources, list the following sites worth checking:
  1. Cappex.com.
  2. Scholarship Owl.com.
  3. FastWeb.com.
  4. FinAid.org (affiliated with FastWeb)
  5. Scholarships. com.
  6. The US Department of Labor's Career OneStop site.
Nov 19, 2019

How much does scholarship owl cost? ›

ScholarshipOwl Features
PriceMonthly - $20 per month Quarterly - $45 every three months Half Yearly - $60 every six months VIP - $69 a month
Free Trial7 days
Helpful FeaturesAutomatically apply to recurring scholarships through one application Educational Services Webinars
Customer Service Phone Number800-494-4908
3 more rows
Jun 6, 2023

Is the Sallie Mae scholarship legit? ›


The Sallie Mae scholarship search is home to over 5 million college scholarships and worth up to $24 billion! They also have a $1,000 monthly drawing. Nothing beats effortless, free money. Again, you start by registering and filling out a profile.

What is the hardest type of scholarship to get? ›

Athletic Scholarships

An athletic scholarship may cover some or all of your tuition costs, depending on the school. Athletic scholarships are some of the hardest to receive.

Is the niche $50,000 scholarship real? ›

Sounds too good to be true. It isn't with Niche. We are giving one student $50,000 (our biggest scholarship yet) to help pay for tuition, living expenses, books, and other educational expenses.

What are the odds of getting a full scholarship? ›

Full-ride scholarships are awarded to only about 0.1% of students (Wignall, 2021). Nearly just as rare are full-tuition scholarships, which are awarded to only 1.5% of students (ThinkImpact, 2021). A regular high school student may have the qualifications for as many as 50 to 100 scholarships (Dickler, 2021).

Is Fastweb scholarship legit? ›

We have a full scholarship research team that verifies and investigates each and every scholarship included within Fastweb's extensive scholarship database. That's why you can always trust that the scholarships you match to on Fastweb are 100% legitimate.

What is the best website to rank colleges? ›

U.S. News & World Report. The U.S. News college rankings are viewed as the gold standard of college ranking lists. Its list is the most well-known and referenced.

Is there a database of scholarships? ›

StudentScholarship.org is a California-based, comprehensive source of scholarship resources. Study.com has designated a wide variety of academic awards and scholarships for current and prospective students.

Is Scholly worth the money? ›

Scholly offers one way to help you find free money for college. It's been a worthwhile option for many students as the platform has a whole page of testimonials from students who won big scholarships. The impressive stat of helping students win $100 million in scholarships is also enticing.


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